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为什么 Should You Have Marketing in Your Business?

Marketing isn’t just a part of 你的业务 – it is 你的业务. Almost every aspect of 你的业务 depends on your 市场营销 strategy. 为什么? Because everything you do revolves around sales and 市场营销 leads to more of it. Marketing is a powerful tool that ensures consumers have their eyes on your brand and products. With a well-developed strategy, you can grow 你的业务 even further.

As one of the top ad agencies in Arizona, ON 热博rb8 is the go-to for quality services that put 你的业务 front and center of your competition. 当你和热博rb88下载一起热博rb8时, you’re not just receiving our creative minds and collective experience, you’re gaining a valuable partnership to increase ROI. Read our article below to learn 为什么 you should adopt 市场营销 into 你的业务.


The term “市场营销” is very broad as it can pertain to a lot of activities like media buying, 热博rb8, 热博rb88下载, 热博rb8, 公共关系, 还有更多. However, the overarching goal is the same – bring consumer attention to 你的业务. This leads to awareness, brand loyalty, and most importantly, sales.


Not only does 市场营销 determine consumer needs, but it also 创造消费者需求. 他们为什么要从你这里买? What sets you apart from your competition? 热博rb8专业, 热博rb88下载的热博rb8是告诉人们什么时候, 为什么, and how they can engage with 你的业务. Oftentimes, this involves playing to their consumer needs.

例如, if you’re a restaurant owner who specializes in Mexican cuisine, how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? There are several routes you can go; you use fresh ingredients, 你是真实的, 你离一个主要景点很近, 等. 提供素食选择怎么样?

在快餐连锁店 不可能的肉 他们的菜单, 塔可钟 对于素食者来说,这是一块隐藏的宝石. It gained many loyal customers because they were able to customize their menu items to fit their vegetarian diet. Thanks to its internal 市场营销 team’s research, the fast-food chain found an opportunity to answer consumers’ need for vegetarian options 通过把它们添加到菜单中. 他们与 美国素食者协会 (AVA) to have the new menu items vegetarian-certified. This has been a huge differentiator from their competitors and boosts their brand image. 

Marketing Professionals Can Help Identify the Ideal Customer

To attract customers, you need to know who you are selling to. Part of a marketer’s job is to help you identify target audiences to ensure your brand attracts your ideal consumer. One way that ON 热博rb8 achieves this is by developing consumer profiles. This involves extensive research into key demographics to ensure your messaging influences a reaction from the target customer.

当热博rb88下载建立这些档案时, 热博rb88下载看一些东西,比如:

  • 年龄
  • 性别
  • 爱好
  • 位置
  • 收入
  • 目标或动机

Everyone is Going 数字, So Should You

根据Optinmonster, the global online shopping market size nearly hit $4 trillion in 2020, with $300 million in the United States alone. While traditional 市场营销 still plays an integral role in attracting business, 数字营销 has one of the biggest impacts on today’s consumers. 

你的客户在网上你也应该这样. ON 热博rb8 offers comprehensive digital services to ensure your presence is known by your target audience. This may involve a 热博rb88下载 strategy, 数字热博rb8, 内容开发, 和网站设计.

达伦·希格斯, ON 热博rb8’s VP of Marketing explains, “The essence behind any effective 市场营销 strategy is to understand our customers’ audience. The advantage of hiring an 热博rb8 agency is the ability to use tools to analyze audience intelligence. If you identify your audience’s biggest source of influence, 以及他们如何度过每一天, then you can create new opportunities for your 市场营销 and 热博rb8 efforts.” 

ON 热博rb8 is Arizona’s Choice for Marketing 策略

Every business needs some sort of 市场营销. It’s an incredible tool that leads to greater sales, customer loyalty, and a brighter brand image. The people at ON 热博rb8 are masters in developing strategies to ensure 你的业务 is seen by your ideal customer. Our talented staff come from different backgrounds and carry unique skill sets to move 你的业务 forward. 浏览热博rb88下载的服务网页 to learn how we can push 你的业务 to new heights.



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